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Having been an educator and advancement professional for nearly a quarter of a century, in 2001, I received a call from a former Lehigh colleague, who had become a college president.  He asked if I would visit his campus and do an assessment of the Advancement program.  I agreed, and, simultaneously, my third professional avenue appeared.  It was as if putting the idea into the universe, made it so, because every year subsequent to that first phone call, I received a request to serve as a consultant to some organization.  Consulting was such a natural for me, because it combined my experience and passion in teaching and advancing non-profits.  By the time 2014 rolled around, opportunities emerged that I knew I could tackle if I had expanded support in a variety of areas.  So, I created a sole proprietorship/LLC with links to others who not only brought additional expertise to the fore but also a commitment to non-profit entities which strove to make this world and the future one a better place.

The only thing left to create was a name.  As I pondered at home, my beautiful Calico cat came over and plopped herself on my working desk, as she is prone to do.  Gazing at her, I recalled that Calico cats are predominantly female…and the first lightbulb came on:  mine was a female-owned company.  The second bright light emerged as I gazed at her coat and thought of the perfect blend of colors that made her so beautiful…and ours was a company trying to merge the best display of talents and ideas to evolve non-profits into the most magnificent organizations they could be.  The third bolt of light then flashed before me:  Why not name the company CALICO?  And, again, almost instantaneously, I saw in the word an acronym that would define us and our mission:  Creative Advisors Looking to Improve Charitable Organizations.

Five years have passed since our company was created, and we have been steadily busy and growing each year, mostly through client referrals.  We take great pride in this fact, because nothing speaks to a job well done as those who have experienced the positive results of our collective efforts.

We have just undergone a rebranding effort to update our look and reflect our “true colors.”  Welcome to our website. I hope you will learn a little something from your visit here.  Please feel free to reach out to me personally, if you need hep with a project or ongoing situation within your organization. We would be pleased to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients.

Jill A Marsteller
Founder & CEO

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