About Us

Following twelve years of successful consulting, Jill Marsteller established CALICO as a LLC in 2014.

While our mission is distinctly captured in our company’s acronym, the core value of the organization revolves around one essential promise: to be multidimensional and creative in adding value to non-profit organizations, while remaining singularly focused on our client during the course of our working relationship.

We are a dynamic and nimble company whose expertise is matched to the particular needs of our clients at any given moment in time. Collectively, we boast over one hundred years of experience in non-profit work and have an in-depth understanding of a vast number of sectors that include, but are not limited to education, healthcare, museums and cultural institutions, and STEM. We have particular, well-honed skill sets in areas spanning governance, planning, training, teaching, executive coaching, leadership transition and succession  planning, team building, goal setting, fundraising, campaign consulting, feasibility studies, campaign case statements, prospect development and donor analytics, audience development, marketing and communications.

Together, we have raised billions of dollars within our historic wingspan and have helped provide strategic direction to fledgling campaigns and upstart initiatives.

CALICO prides itself on bringing together a variety of vantage points and perspectives to work with our client as opposed to merely advising, counseling, directing or “telling.” We believe that our mission, core value, and adaptability, when combined with our expansive, hands-on experience, is what sets us apart. We are illustrative– everyone associated with CALICO is or has been an accomplished practitioner in the areas of expertise we offer. We do not make proclamations or advance unrealistic thinking. We come as forthright and collaborative partners to advance people and programs.

Because we are an emerging company, we are pleased to choose and be chosen by both established and nascent organizations that reflect a commitment to better society through work that is intentional, democratic, grounded in mission, and implemented through service to others. And, just as we embrace and adapt to individual client needs generally, we strive specifically to be a best value as well as a best practice organization.

“CALICO has been an invaluable asset to us as we grow from a relatively small, family-funded organization to a national presence managing multiple funding sources. In particular, Jill Marstellers’ wisdom, experience and vast network of contacts are critical resources; without her, we’d be making a lot of costly mistakes and limiting, rather than growing, our capacity to achieve our mission.”

-Nicole Gillespie, Executive Director, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation